This blog keeps you up-to-date with Portia Graves' newly released compositions and pieces in the pipeline. I hope you enjoy!
  • My new sounds:

  • Winter Reds - NEW ALBUM NOVEMBER 1st

    This album, despite its festive appearence, is no Christmas album. It is more about cosying up and feeling warm. Lots of rich harmonies, textures, lush instrumentation and haunting melodies to stimulate your senses. 

    Inspired by film scores and soundtracks, this album brings you pleasing chord progressions and spine tingling counterpoints. There are a couple of  classical instrumental tracks dotted around for extra diversity.

    This will be the last album I release for a very long time so I can focus on my stage and screen commissions. Please do get in contact with me regarding anything musical, or even just comments and feedback would be appreciated:

    Track listing: 

    There We Go


    Counting Stars

    Winter Reds (lyrics by Maddelena Rea)

    She Who Cried Wolf

    Something In The Air

    Show And Tell

    Let’s Start Again

    Pitter Patter

    Good Things Have Got To End

  • Where The Heart Is - Age Concern collaborating artists exhibition

    Earlier this year I worked on a wonderful project, very close to my heart. Funded by Age Concern, this groundbreaking exhibition has brought together artists with residents in dementia care homes. I was asked on board by Jennifer Essex. She asked me to compose music using the voice recordings of dementia sufferers, creating a backdrop for her dance films. These will be shown as an installation in the Where the Heart Is exhibition at the Museum of Lancashire, Preston: OPENS 9th Oct. CLOSES 6th Dec. If you’re in the area at all, please check it out and help to share this event if you know anyone who is interested. 

    Thank you. 


  • I’ve just fallen in love with yet another composer. Beautiful!

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  • Day two: studio work with the Danmeister, recording #guitar, BOM CHICKA WAH WAH style. (Not really) #newband #musicians #rockingout #rocknroll #music #composers #composing #duet #duo #roomers #guitar #logic #piano (at The Music Studio )

  • Thought there was something fluffy by my feet… (at The Music Studio )

  • This summer, i’ve been working on my 4th album. I’ve had the privilege of being introduced to Maddalena Rea, a wonderful poet turned lyricist Together, we created this single Winter Reds. Here’s a teaser for y’all:

    Composed and Performed by Portia Graves (

    Lyrics beautifully sculpted by Maddalena Rea (